Commercial & Retail Leases

Commercial & Retail Leases

Commercial & Retail Leases

As an owner or tenant, it is important to understand the various terms and conditions of a lease.  As leases are generally prepared by a lawyer, they can be quite complex and difficult to comprehend the various meanings and statutory requirements that are incorporated into the lease.

Preparation, Review and Negotiation of Commercial and Retail Leases

Paula Sutherland & Associates have experience in the preparation, review and negotiation of Commercial and Retail Leases, ensuring clients receive the fundamental advice and guidance that assures they understand both their rights and responsibilities as either a tenant or landlord.  Paula Sutherland & Associates can also specifically advise on how to navigate the current COVID-19 landscape for both landlords and tenants.

In essence, a commercial lease is one where commercial property is leased to a tenant who operates a business of some type from the property.  A retail lease on the other hand, is one which is wholly or predominantly used to conduct a retail business and may therefore be subject to the Fair Trading (Code of Practice for Retail Tenancies) Regulations 1998.

A commercial or retail tenancy lease also differs significantly from a residential tenancy lease.  It is very important to ensure that you have received proper advice and guidance to ensure your rights are protected and your needs properly catered for; whether you are a landlord or a tenant.

A poorly drafted lease, or deficient advice when entering into a lease, can become a costly venture.  Should a dispute arise, whether requiring court proceedings or not, Paula Sutherland & Associates specialise in dispute resolution and are able to act for parties in all aspects of commercial and retail tenancy matters.  Call us today.

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