Building & Construction Disputes

Building & Construction Disputes

Paula Sutherland & Associates has extensive experience with building and construction disputes, in both a residential and commercial context.

These disputes are often time consuming and can involve a number of parties, including experts who (if the matter becomes litigious) may have to give evidence in support of any expert opinion they have provided.  Experts may include engineers, architects, quantity assessors and building practitioners among others.  It is essential that these parties become involved at an appropriate time and that any evidence they will give is converted into a form in which it can be relied upon in court. 

Paula acts for builders and property owners and is eager to assist clients navigate the process through a court or tribunal and ensure that disputes are resolved in a timely fashion.

Paula also has experience in issuing or responding to security for payment claims, which are highly time-sensitive.  It is critical that clients seek advice early and do not take any action or provide any response which could be taken, under the legislation, to constitute a response to a payment claim, thereby binding that party to that response with no further opportunity to respond.

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