Consumer Law & Product Liability Claims

Consumer Law & Product Liability Claims

The Australian Consumer Law, in conjunction with state-based legislation, establishes consumer rights which are referred to as consumer guarantees.  These include:

  • a business must not make false, misleading or deceiving claims about a product it sells;
  • products must be safe, durable, free from defects, fit for purpose, acceptable in appearance and match any sample or demonstration model; and
  • contracts entered into should be clear and concise and not contain unfair terms.

There are various remedies available to consumers depending upon the nature and extent of the alleged defect or fault.  Consumers transact every day to purchase goods or services and unfortunately sometimes the product or service provided does not meet the guarantees mandated by law.  It is important in these situations to seek legal advice at an early juncture.  This is a complex area of law and remedies may extend beyond the seller in certain circumstances and guidance from an experienced lawyer ensures clients are on track to achieve the desired result.

Paula is experienced in acting for parties making claims and also for parties who claims have been made against.

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