Contractual Disputes

Contractual Disputes

Ideally it is always best to obtain legal advice before signing a contract, which obliges you as an individual, your company or your business to comply with its terms.  Paula can review and provide advice in relation to contracts prior to execution.

Inevitably, even with advice, disputes will arise in relation to contractual obligations, whether relating to performance, payment or otherwise.  Paula has acted for corporate clients and individuals in relation to disputes about contractual interpretation and enforcement and understandings/misunderstandings about the operation and application of contracts across a myriad of areas.

This can be a complex area of law and some parties will ultimately seek a decision from a court to determine contractual implications and obligations and make orders for performance.

It is critical to have an expert lawyer on your side; to consider the contract and matters outside of the contract which are relevant, including pre-contractual discussions and agreements, the actions of parties to a contract, variations to contracts and precisely what was agreed.  This can be especially difficult where the contract is oral, or partly oral.

Paula can assist with these matters, whether they are, or become, litigious and will provide thorough, effective and sensible advice and guidance.

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