Wills & Estates Disputes

Wills & Estates Disputes

Paula Sutherland & Associates has acted for trustee companies and individuals (i.e. executors, beneficiaries and interested parties) in relation to disputes including:

  • testators family maintenance claims – where one or more parties claim that they have been left without adequate provision from an estate;
  • interpretation of Wills;
  • capacity of the testator/testatrix to have made a Will;
  • applications for statutory wills;
  • parentage in the context of a Testator’s Family Maintenance claim;
  • formal validity of Wills; and
  • applications to rectify a Will.

This can be a very complex area of law, often fraught with emotion and it is important to be guided and advised by a lawyer that you can trust to provide advice and an understanding of the nature of the dispute, likely outcomes and the court process should the matter become litigious.

Our will dispute lawyers have prosecuted and defended various claims and acted as counsel.  They will negotiate, subject to assessment on an individual basis, an acceptance of payment for legal fees in relation to testator’s family maintenance claims upon resolution of the claim; whether in court or pursuant to a negotiated outcome.

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